Engineering the Future: Building Tomorrow's Technology Today

Expertly Crafting the Future of Technology and Communication

Engineering the Future: Building Tomorrow's Technology Today

Expertly Crafting the Future of Technology and Communication


The Lotus Interworks: Innovation Born from Experience

Welcome to Lotus Interworks Inc, the forefront of complex system development and integration. Leveraging strategic design with cutting-edge technologies in communications, AI, and coordination, we empower leading technology companies to push boundaries and pioneer markets

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The Lotus Story: Innovation Born from Experience

Lotus, with its roots in telecommunications and mobile phone development, has been a leader in shaping the future of communication since 1999. Our early work focused on the core technologies that underpin today's mobile ecosystems. This experience has given us a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses operating in complex, interconnected environments.

In 2008, recognizing the immense potential of the sharing economy, we began experimenting with what would become Simplia. Initially, we explored various "elemental technologies" that could streamline marketplace operations. However, we quickly realized the need for a more holistic approach. A truly transformative platform required a complete reimagining of how providers, consumers, and data interact within a marketplace.

Since 2010, our team has been laser-focused on developing Simplia. We've poured our collective knowledge and passion for innovation into creating a platform that empowers businesses to thrive in the on-demand economy. Now, with Simplia on the verge of deployment, we're excited to partner with forward-thinking businesses that share our vision for the future of marketplaces.

Providing Complex Technology Systems for Global Leaders

Custom Billing System for AT&T 

Tailored billing solutions that streamline processes and enhance customer experiences.

Optical Network Management Systems for Fujitsu  

Pioneering complex Optical Network Management Systems for seamless monitoring, control, and optimization.

Sonet Network Management System Architectures

Pushing the boundaries of Sonet Network Management with cutting-edge architectures.

Mobile App Development Platform for EA Sports

Empowering mobile app innovation for immersive, engaging sports experiences.

Recruiting System for Kronos

Transforming talent acquisition with an intelligent, efficient recruiting system.

Complex Product Configuration System for Lutron 

Simplifying complexity with a powerful, user-friendly product configuration system.

Video on Demand System for EDS (now part of HP) 

Delivering seamless, on-demand video experiences with a robust, scalable system.

Conversational AI-Enabled Marketplace Platform for Simplia

Revolutionizing marketplaces with intelligent, AI-powered conversations and interactions.